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Hearty Beef Barley Soup
Chuck roast on the pellet grill

This is a modification of several recipes I found online soon after we bought a pit boss pellet grill. 

Take thawed chuck roast (2 to 3 pounds) the night before and rub all sides with your favorite rub and let set in refrigerator overnight, in a covered dish.  I made up a rub using Himalayan salt, garlic powder, onion powder.  Let roast come to room temperature.  Get grill fired up to smoke or 225 degrees.  Put roast directly on grill for 3 to 4 hours.  I did sprinkle some water on it once to help keep moist after an hour.  Could use beef bouillon if  you prefer.  (We have broth bones for sale also.)  Take a cup of water or broth and put in 9x13 cake pan.  I lined it with aluminum foil for ease of clean-up.  Add one large onion cut into slices to the liquid.  Take roast and put on top of onions and return to grill till internal temperature is 165 degrees.  Takes approximately 3 hours.  Then cover pan with foil and cook until internal temperature of 200 degrees.  Usually takes 2 to 3 hours.  When temperature reached let set 15 minutes and slice for a great tasting beef chuck roast. 

I used the leftover meat for sandwich meat in the next few days. 

Your recipe could be here. 
We would love to have your favorite recipes to share with others.  Please send them to Monte in an e-mail and I will get them on here.  Picture would be great. 
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