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  • How do I get my beef?
    Place an order on the website or via e-mail. We will try to get close to your desided amount of each cut and then send you an updated invoice via e-mail. We deliver to Cheyenne, WY, Ft. Collins, CO, and points south on the second friday (first friday in Feburary) in the afternoon. Some in between deliveries also. Click on Delivery to see our schedule. May be postponed due to adverse weather or conflicts with ranch work. There may be a total order minimum required for delivery.
  • How do I pay for my meat.
    We deliver to a central location or other prearranged location and will take payment at that time. We accept cash, check or credit card (3% added).
  • Can I buy sagebrush beef in a store?
    We have a wide selection of cuts available at Big Hollow Food Coop store in Laramie, Wyoming. We have a limited selection at Beavers Market and Mountain Avenue Market (Ft. Collins food coop) in Ft. Collins, Co.
  • How to cook our beef.
    Steaks- remove from heat a few minutes before they are done and put on a plate and cover for 5 minutes. This might be a good idea for hamburgers also. Try to not overcook lean meat (yes ours is on the leaner side, most wild game is lean also) it has a tendency to make it less tender. Cook with your favorite recipe.
  • Recipes?
    They will be a drop down tab under About the Ranch. Link here Recipes
  • What if I am unhappy with my beef?
    We are sorry for your less than desirable eating experience. Please contact us here and tell us details and we will work on resolving the problem quickly. We strive for customer satisfaction and need to hear the good and bad of our beef as a protein source for you.
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